Winter in Paternoster

Or as we locals like to call it the SECRET SEASON…

This week we have really started feeling the change of season and last night we had our first proper winter rainfall where you could actually hear it banging down on the roof. The rain is a blessing with the Western Cape water crisis and a sure signal that the time has come to stock pile firewood, wine and cosy socks!


For me this time of year is just the best on the West Coast and many locals agree…we have mild days and then chilly nights perfect for a good book and mug of hot chocolate or fun game evenings in with friends. We have the best sunsets and sunrises of the year with pinks, peach and gold stretching across the sky.  The moisture and fog evoke an almost fairy-tale softness that beautifies what can be rather stark, dry and harsh in the summer. Slowly, as the strand-veld and farm lands drink up the precious water, the habitat transforms to green and provides the most abundant gift of wild flowers in spring that lasts just an instant but is all the more precious for its brevity. This all happens underground in these hibernating winter months and to me it is magical.

As the crazy summer wind dies down and the rates drop to Low Season it is truly a wonderful time of year to visit Paternoster, some may say, the Best.


In other GREAT news the wonderfully talented artists living & working in Paternoster have created a Paternoster Art Route. This will enable guests to walk the set-out route through our picturesque village, visit studios, galleries and meet the artists personally. To learn more and keep an eye on events and happenings please follow the Facebook page


Stay warm and we hope to see you soon!

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A Paternoster Bucket List!

We are often asked “So what IS there to do in Paternoster?”

I have been working on some insider tips to make the best of your visit. Here are the Top 35! *Everything below can be done within a 10km radius of your favourite little West Coast Dorpie.

  1. GRAB a cup of delicious Truth coffee and a Pasteis de Nata under the Manatoka trees at JUNK & DISORDERLY opposite the Stay in Paternoster office. *Be tempted by the variety of Charcuterie produce and sour dough bread!
  2. VISIT the Cape Columbine LIGHTHOUSE open Mon to Fri (excluding public holidays) 10am – 3pm
  3. EXPLORE the surrounding area with an adventurous BEACH BUGGY ride with local aficionado Deon Cell: 072 402 1829
  4. TRY the tasty home-made Chicken pies, Ciabatta bread and daily deli meals from THE PATERNOSTER EXPRESS Tel: 022 752 2627 *Also great for any necessities like toothpaste, ice and milk.
  5.  TREAT yourself to a well-deserved massage or facial at PATERNOSTER DUNES BEAUTY CLINIC Tel: +27 22 752 2217 Email:
  6. INDULGE in a delectable coffee and cake or quiche at MONDVOL every Wednesday for R45! We recommend the Lemon Meringue and honestly, go any day 🙂 for friendly service and good food in a country setting. Tel: 073 939 018616708242_1227130620667669_1668647958460401427_n
  7. RIDE a horse along the beautiful Langstrand Beach with Ronel at DRIKUS HORSE TRAILS Cell: 082 748 5596 E-mail:
  8. ROMANCE the heck out of your love and sip a sundowner on BEKBAAI BEACH while you watch the Sunset over the rocks & ocean.*NB Take your camera!
  9. DIP into luscious local oysters & mussels and other deliciousness at the quirky and oh so cool NOISY OYSTER bookings are essential Tel: 022 752 2196
  10. STRETCH & BREATHE it all out with our local Yoga instructor Shirley Tel:074 874 2221
  11. GET HITCHED! ELOPE! we have just the place, it’s sooooo Romantic and just all-round fabulous at GELUKKIE
  12. PACK a picnic and walk along LANGSTRAND beach all the way to the Groot Paternoster Nature Reserve approximately 7km (one way).*If you are lucky you will spot the Dolphins frolicking and go early because sunrise is spectacular from this vantage point!
  13. TUCK into some authentic Weskus home-cooking like Groenboontjiebredie, Pêrevoetpie & Smoorsnoek at OUMA SE KOMBUIS Tel: 084 800 1991
  14. PADDLE out between the rocks to see visiting seabirds, penguins & Paternoster from a different angle with KAYAK PATERNOSTER Tel: 082 584 1907
  15. EAT tasty & fresh Take-away Vis & Tjips at ON THE ROCKS at the Fish Market complex on the main beach Tel:083 988 1380
  16. WORK UP A SWEAT with our local Pilates instructor Frank Tel: 084 624 1607
  17. BUY anything from nails, fishing gear, scrummy samosas & curry mussels to flip flops at general dealer THE TRADING POST on the right hand side of the main road. Tel: 0845106503
  18. TRY out the yummy Burgers or Surf & Turf at the distinctive & iconic Red-Roofed VOORSTRANDT RESTAURANT right on the Paternoster Beach front Tel: 022 752 203816587176_1315167938599260_8800103095829318276_o
  19. COLLECT Sea Glass and take a Flamework class to make a memorable piece of Jewellery at FLEUR DELYSE GLASS STUDIO Email:
  20. POP-IN at OEP VE KOEP for west coast produce, wine and more…They bake farm bread daily and as a treat stay for lunch and try the Cheese Platter with infamous Bokkom Butter, you are welcome 😉 *Get there early for the bread! Tel: 022 752 2105
  21. BE BEAUTIFUL with a fresh hair-do or a snazzy cut & blow at Le Notre Pere with Hennie Tel:083 295 6181
  22. TASTE adventurous, unusual and seasonally foraged Strandveld (only found on this coast line) dishes prepared and styled with flair by internationally renowned chef Kobus van der Merwe at WOLFGAT
  23. PICK-UP some enticing sounding Black Fig & Black Pepper or Orange & Ginger Jam and pretty pink sheepskin sleepers to take home for Granny at JEM & PANTOFFELS Tel:082 783 180820424236_1388559767927099_909810370982296440_o
  24. COOK UP A STORM enjoy the lavish meal afterwards at NOSTRA DE PADRE with Italian Cooking Classes run by Uro & Sven Email:
  25. CREATE a unique leather item yourself at a MATTAT LEATHER WORKSHOP held at Jem & Pantoffels
  26. SIP & ENJOY a chilled glass of wine, a picture perfect view and wonderful meals prepared by chef Jaco Kruger at GAATJIE Tel: 022 752 2242
  27. SHOP at many of the quirky and quaint village stores and look for pretty things, jewellery & antiques at THE DUNE SHOP, PANTINA BAZAAR & MANEKI all located along St. Augustine the Main Road through Paternoster.
  28. BREW your own artisanal beer on a hands-on course in Beer making with PATERNOSTER BREWERY Email:
  29. BROWSE and admire art and pottery from local and other artists at STONEFISH STUDIO & GALLERY and AT BOTHA ART GALLERY also both located along the main road through the village.
  30. RELAX, take a sip of your beverage of choice and enjoy a delicious wood-fired pizza at the family-friendly BLIKKIE PIZZERIA Tel:079 598 8616 *one of the best views in town and live music on selected weekends!
  31. SATISFY your craving for fresh & delicious sushi at DE SEE KAT…the view is also a winner. Tel:082 445 5540
  32. DESIGN and get therapeutically creative while making your own platter with PAM BREYTENBACH POTTERY STUDIO Email:
  33. GET ENERGISED and hike through CAPE COLUMBINE NATURE RESERVE, an especially beautiful time is in spring (Aug & Sept) during the breath-taking West Coast Flower Season.13620760_641611172663411_6960892483987946975_n
  34. WATCH the Rugby or just people watch at the local and legendary watering-hole THE PANTY BAR at THE PATERNOSTER HOTEL. Meet locals and gawk at the interesting ahem…displays. *definitely a favourite ‘I was here’ Instagram-able moment.
  35. LAST BUT NOT LEAST… FOLLOW US on Facebook and make sure you ENTER all our great competitions so you can come and STAY IN PATERNOSTER to start ticking off these bucket list experiences 🙂

A few additional insider tips…

*Always book for Restaurants & Experiences in advance to avoid disappointment

*Take along a jacket, the weather on the coast changes all the time and we can experience 4 seasons in one day.

*Keep your camera/smart phone full charged to take advantage of all the beauty

*Make sure you are careful with your valuables – out of sight is the best policy to limit temptation.

*Smile & make memories to remember with family & friends…these are the things that count!

Written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster

Experiences FB post

An Ode to May

A personal Paternoster love story in words and photos by Fran Hepburn


I first arrived, following my heart, to live permanently in Paternoster in early May 2012. So I guess I am somewhat biased when I wax lyrical about this time of year in our beautiful village. But after a few years of living here, I know that it is not just me who loves the absolute perfection that is May in Paternoster, all the locals whisper about it being a secret special season only we know about. This is my effort to share a little snapshot of this magical time with you.

From December to April the village is full and bustling, so it is a stark contrast in May when things get all mellow and laid back – like a soft sigh of relief. The days start later as the sun only peeps over Kasteelberg to the East well after 7 am. There is a cool chill in the air and the village is often covered in a misty blanket serenaded by the distant hooting of the fog horn. As I make a cup of coffee and snuggle back into bed, I tend to daydream of Brigadoon and the misty moors of Scotland.









The days are still busy, which I know all you city folk will scoff at, but we do need to stack the wood in the fireplace & stock the wine rack! We don’t ever have traffic per se but in May, it is often just me and the street dogs heading to our respective daily toils.

The afternoons are a true blessing. The blustery winds of Summer have died away and the faintest salt-tipped breeze comes off the Atlantic ocean. Almost every day is the perfect day to take my Labrador Lula for a walk on the beach and luxuriate in the whole expanse of Langstrand all to ourselves.


There is said to be a special kind of soft light – the kind that the renaissance masters in Italy captured so beautifully before the advent of modern day photography. This is the light we see in May, most noticeably at sunset. It touches everything with an ethereal glow and because of the changing season, we get cloud formations that help create a spectacular frame for a Magical May West Coast Sunset.

IMG_0563 (Copy)

As the sun disappears over Bekbaai to the west of the village the evening chill sets in. It is time to slow down, light the fire and enjoy a glass of red wine while we wait for the bredie simmering in the oven. I exhale and am grateful for all my blessings.




Exploring our hunter-gatherer past & palates in Paternoster


Dune vegetation behind Langstrand in Paternoster and in the distance is Kasteelberg.

A few weekends ago myself and a group of friends got together and with the generous guidance and knowledge of local, Hedwig Slabig, we gathered edible strandkos, then prepped and cooked it together.

For more than 95% of the last 100 000 years, most of the inhabitants all over the world had a hunting and gathering way of life. For the two months (August & September) that follow winter approximately 250,000 hunter/gatherers would make the temporarily abundant dunes of Paternoster below Kasteelberg their home, forage for food and leave behind interesting clues to their nomadic lives. There are many middens (refuse heaps) buried in layers of sand dotted all over Paternoster that reveal much about this culture and time.

We combed the dunes for *piet snots* which have pale carrot like tubers, nibbled the sour/citrusy wild sorrel and munched the nutlike potato bush/kiesie blaar pods that are left over after the flowers finish blooming. Some of the interesting edibles we identified, tasted and collected included dune spinach, tulbaghia (wild garlic), milk thistle, slangbessiebos (cousin to Goji berry), veldkool, sout slaai, boetabessies and spekboom.


Then we scrubbed, chopped and sauteed together in Hedwig’s kitchen. Finally sitting down around her large dining table to share a well-deserved lunch. The flavours are unusual, more earthy and delicate than our palates are used to. An open minded attitude and curious spirit are essential.


It was a great day spent with friends and I was reminded of the importance of community. The hunter-gatherer societies  centred around this strong sense of shared co-operation and it certainly felt like we experienced some of this spirit as we laughed, learned and cooked, the way women have been doing together since forever.

Footnote* Foraging, seasonal produce, sustainability and slow-food are buzz words in the culinary world at the moment. The good news is that there is a wonderful way to experience this trend in Paternoster. We are fortunate to have one of the maverick foraging chefs, Kobus van der Merwe, right here. In September he opened a wonderful new restaurant called Wolfgat that has our town and foodies from all over the world very excited. Lunch and dinner are  served by appointment only. Reservations can be made via email

Written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster





Forever Flowers ♥


What makes flower season so very special on the West Coast is that for approximately 10 months of the year (give or take) we see very little colour. The surrounding veld is various shades of grey/brown/beige and maybe dark green and then for a limited time the riotous colours of wild flowers paint the fields and parks all around us and we are charmed! The fact that the season is so short and so fierce makes it all the more precious.

The good news is that because of the extended rainy season (every week or two we have some good rain) the season should last well into September. Don’t forget to look out for new varietals popping up as the rain daisies and gousblom fade.


Darling’s veldt is unique in that it consists of a very interesting variety of veldt types including Sandveld, Strandtveld, Renosterveld & Rietveld. Darling contains more than 10% of the total species of Cape floral kingdom in less than 1% of the floral kingdom area.
Name:                     99th Darling Wildflower Show
Date & Time:         16 – 18 Sept 2016 – 9am – 5pm
Venue:                     Darling Golf Club
Admission:              Adults R50/Children (U18) R30
Children (U13) free
Pensioners (Friday only) R30
Contact detail:       084 916 1111


*Most towns along the flower routes haqve fuel stations, ATM’s and mobile reception

*The further north you travel the greater the distance between the towns become

*Stop and ask the friendly locals for advice on flower hot spots and distances

*Namakwa/West Coast Flower maps are available at all tourism information offices

For more info contact WEST COAST FLOWER HOTLINE 072 938 8186 (Available from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week)

Get the Lastest Flower Updated 22nd August here




This past weekend myself and a colleague from Stay in Paternoster went to The West Coast National Park in Langebaan. Therefore this week instead of focusing on one beautiful flower I want to tell you about our visit and share some of my pictures from this special place.

There are two entrances to the park and because we knew it would be a busy day we went in the lesser known one from Langebaan side – there are currently road works so depending where you are coming from it may not be a good option as it is closest to Paternoster – it took us about 40mins by car. The main gate is on the R27 West Coast Road about 10 kms from Yzerfontein on your left hand side and is approximately 1 hours drive from Cape Town heading North. You will receive a map of the park when you enter which will direct you to the places of interest. In the case of flower season you will want to head to the Postberg area which is a privately owned piece of land (about 6000 hectares) inside the West Coast national park which is normally not open to the public. Every year however, between August and September the area is opened to the public to visit and marvel at the wonders of nature as it puts on its spectacular wild flower show.

The Postberg shelters the Langebaan lagoon from the sea. It was along this piece of land that the Dutch and the French posted their countries flags in an effort to claim the land for their respective countries way back in the 1600’s. After a number of skirmishes and removing each other’s flags the Dutch finally took control of the area in the early 1700’s. The area became an outpost of the Dutch colony at the Cape and the mountain’s name stems from that, being a mountain outpost.

Saturday was a very busy day due to the perfect weather. I suggest that if you want to picnic or braai (there are two designated areas for this in the Postberg section) go early, set yourself up then relax and walk amongst the flowers! It was very busy and there was some traffic congestion. We took a picnic and nibbles so mostly just snacked in the car while staring wide-eyed at the vast fields of beautiful, bright flowers!

The photos and words do not do this natural spectacle justice…it truly must be experienced. Apart from beautiful views, the abundant flowers and striking rock formations there are also ostriches, zebra, as well as eland, gemsbok, springbok, wildebeest and bontebok.

This season is a bumper one so if you are yearning for a road trip to somewhere beautiful this should be at the top of your list!



The West Coast National Parks website is very extensive and useful

TEL: 022 772 2144
Entrance Fees:South African Adult Citizens – R64 / Kids under 12 – R32
International Tourist R136 per adult / Kids under 12 – R68

Open Week: 12 – 16 September FREE entry for South African Citizens!!
(Bring ID Book)


The weather changes all the time, especially along the coast, so please check for an update on

FRIDAY 26th August              11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 14⁰c

SAT 27th August                      11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 18⁰c

SUN 28th August                     11:00 to 16:00             Cloudy 13⁰c

MON 29th August                    11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

TUES 30th August                   11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 15⁰c

WEDS 31st August                   11:00 to 16:00             Rain 16⁰c

THURS 1st September            11:00 to 16:00             Cloudy 13⁰c



Download and print this useful map courtesy of Cape West Coast Tourism website.


Map Studio are publishing a stunning Visitors Guide to the Flower Region and I have one one more copy to give away for Flower Friday!

To qualify please send an email to and tell me which edible flower was featured on last weeks blog post! Subject line should be I ♥ Flower Friday…Make sure to include your Postal address so I can arrange to send you the book if you win!



If you require Accommodation on your Flower Safari please contact us at Tel : 022 752 2048 (Office Hours) OR book online at

“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Blog post compiled and written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster

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Stop…and smell the flowers


While researching and learning about the wild flower extravaganza I have discovered some extraordinary facts about the unique flower kingdom we are lucky enough to have in our (almost literally) back garden!

  • South Africa has more species of plants in one square kilometre than in the whole of England!
  • The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the oldest plant kingdoms in the world with some species dating back 60 million years.
  • 70% of the 9600 plant species found within it are not found anywhere else in the world (Endemic)
  • Apparently there is more money made on the world market selling flowers from SA origin than the annual gold production value.
  • Europe’s total floral species number 10 000 where as a small country like South Africa hosts 23 000 species.
  • The Cape Floral Kingdom has been singled out from 25 world ecological hotspot areas as being of “irreplaceable value.”

So seeing the Wild Flowers is truly one for the bucket list of all nature lovers.

Name:                     Clanwilliam Wild Flower Show

Date & Time:          26 Aug – 3 Sept 2016
9am – 6pm (Daily)
Venue:                     Clanwilliam Church
Admission:              Adults R50 / Pensioners R35
Children R10
Contact detail: or
(027) 482 2024

It is said that the greatest variety of wild flowers in a single district in the world appear in the area around Clanwilliam; their annual Wild Flower Show lasts for 10 days.

Clanwilliam is approximately 170 – 200kms from Paternoster depending which route you take.


*Make sure you set out on your drive with a full tank of fuel & enough drinking water.

*Many outlying areas do not have mobile phone reception.

*Wear long pants/trousers and comfortable walking shoes for walking in the fields.

*Insect repellent is essential

*It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance.

For more info contact WEST COAST FLOWER HOTLINE 072 938 8186

For the latest West Coast Flower update (11 August) click this link


veldkool_marie viljoen


Or if you prefer Trachyandra ciliata is a common, seasonal herb/vegetable that is best known for its edible flower buds.

Locals and food foragers eagerly await the sight of these buds to make traditional stews or soups for a very limited season. The flowering stalks should be harvested before the flowers open or they are too bitter. Veldkool can be steamed or boiled in much the same way as asparagus.


*Taken from the Paternoster Heritage-tyd booklet produced by Paternoster People’s Party and available to purchase at Oep ve Koep opposite Stay in Paternoster office.

For each portion: Blanche 2 small bunches of veldkool tips for 1 minute in salted water. Drain and chop finely. Saute garlic leaves (wild if you can find them) and a 1/4 onion finely chopped, 2 small baby potatoes, chopped or a small sweet potato, chopped, in 20g of butter until golden brown. Add half the veldkool tips and a few stalks of sorrel, 5ml each of chopped wild sage and wild rosemary, plus a pinch of salt. Add 250ml stock and cook gently until very soft and pulpy. Saute the rest of the veldkool tips in butter and scatter over the soup before serving. You can serve it topped with chopped bokkom/ biltong or feta cheese.

Variation: Stir 50ml plain yoghurt in before serving. The Khoikhoi were herder-gatherers and kept sheep, goats and later cattle so milk products were often used.



I have an wonderful gift for you!

Map Studio are publishing a stunning Visitors Guide to the Flower Region and I have another copy to give away this Flower Friday.

To qualify please send an email to and tell me which town’s flower show was featured on last weeks blog post Subject line should be I ♥ Flower Friday…Make sure to include your Postal address so I can arrange to send you the book if you win!



The great news is that this Saturday look like it’s going to be a Fantastic day for Flowers!

Please do check for updates on

FRIDAY 19TH August               11:00 to 16:00             Cloudy 16⁰c

SAT 20th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 15⁰c

SUN 21st August                       11:00 to 16:00             Rain 14⁰c

MON 22nd August                    11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 14⁰c

TUES 23rd August                     11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 14⁰c

WEDS 24th August                   11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

THURS 25th August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 19⁰c


Download and print this useful map courtesy of Cape West Coast Tourism website.

13958239_1368400449854218_4533309003240744527_oBlousporie picture courtesy Namakwa Toere

If you require Accommodation on your Flower Safari please contact us at
Tel : 022 752 2048 (Office Hours)
OR book online at



“Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.” ~ Kahlil Gibran


Blog post compiled and written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster

Flowers, Flowers everywhere…


It’s Flower Friday!

Right from Nuwerus in the Northern Cape all the way down to Malmesbury the wild flowers are making a splash of colour, painting a normally dry and arid region with bright beauty for a limited time. Makes it all the more special – don’t you think?

Reports are saying that because the region has had plentiful rain and it has been scattered over the winter months the flower season should last well into September, especially going up North. So if you have planned your flower safari for later in the season, fear not, the veld will still be showing its pretty treasures.

The first of the upcoming flower shows is in Hopefield!

Hopefield also has a wonderful Saturday Morning market with delicious fresh local is not to be missed. Best of all it’s only 30 mins drive from Paternoster.

Name:                      Hopefield Fynbos Show
Date & Time:          25-28 Aug 2016
Venue:                     Hopefields Sports Ground
Admission:              Thu- Fri R20 Adults, Seniors R15, Children R10
Sat- Sun R40 Adults, Seniors R30, Children R20
Contact detail:  or
073 100 0357


*When travelling in a Circular Route, try traveling in a westerly direction in the morning, followed by southerly then finally easterly for best viewing.

*Get out of the car and walk amongst the flowers but make sure to also look for the delicate, smaller species.

*Tread lightly and carefully so as not to trample plants unnecessarily.*

*Please don’t pick any flowers.

For more info contact WEST COAST FLOWER HOTLINE 072 938 8186

For the latest West Coast Flower update (11 August) click this link




The gousblom (Gazania krebsiana) is one of the best known spring flowering plants. It is an extremely showy plant when in flower, creating colourful beds of brilliant orange or red. It starts to flower in late August. Gousblomme means ‘golden flowers’ in English.

The flowers of the gousblom only open later in the day, when the flowers reach a temperature of around 20°C. It is the temperature of the flower and not the sunlight that gives the cue to the plant to open its flowers. When the gousblom flower opens, bees, bee flies, beetles, butterflies and ants come for the nectar and pollinate the plant.

Gousblomme are very easily cultivated from seed. In the southern hemisphere, sow the seeds in March in a light, loamy soil about 5 mm deep. Keep moist and they will grow rapidly – transplant in May. They will flower in September of the same year!


I have an wonderful surprise for you! Map Studio are publishing a stunning Visitors Guide to the Flower Region and I have one copy to give away for the next 3 weeks on Flower Friday.

To qualify please send an email to and tell me which pretty snow white flower was featured on last weeks blog post! Subject line should be I ♥ Flower Friday…Make sure to include your Postal address so I can arrange to send you the book if you win!



Looking out of my window right now it does not seem like a good weekend for Flower spotting but the weather changes all the time from Tuesday things look sunny again, so please check for an update on

FRIDAY 12TH August               11:00 to 16:00             Cloudy 14⁰c

SAT 13th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Light Showers 14⁰c

SUN 14th August                       11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 15⁰c

MON 15th August                      11:00 to 16:00             Fair 16⁰c

TUES 16th August                     11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 17⁰c

WEDS 17th August                   11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 17⁰c

THURS 18th August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 17⁰c


Download and print this useful map courtesy of Cape West Coast Tourism website.


The above picture was taken at the West Coast National Park in the Postberg section which is only open to the public in August and Sept every year.

If you require Accommodation on your Flower Safari please contact us at Email:
Tel : 022 752 2048 (Office Hours)
OR book online at



“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…” ~ Susan Polis Schutz


Blog post compiled and written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster

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