An Ode to May

A personal Paternoster love story in words and photos by Fran Hepburn


I first arrived, following my heart, to live permanently in Paternoster in early May 2012. So I guess I am somewhat biased when I wax lyrical about this time of year in our beautiful village. But after a few years of living here, I know that it is not just me who loves the absolute perfection that is May in Paternoster, all the locals whisper about it being a secret special season only we know about. This is my effort to share a little snapshot of this magical time with you.

From December to April the village is full and bustling, so it is a stark contrast in May when things get all mellow and laid back – like a soft sigh of relief. The days start later as the sun only peeps over Kasteelberg to the East well after 7 am. There is a cool chill in the air and the village is often covered in a misty blanket serenaded by the distant hooting of the fog horn. As I make a cup of coffee and snuggle back into bed, I tend to daydream of Brigadoon and the misty moors of Scotland.









The days are still busy, which I know all you city folk will scoff at, but we do need to stack the wood in the fireplace & stock the wine rack! We don’t ever have traffic per se but in May, it is often just me and the street dogs heading to our respective daily toils.

The afternoons are a true blessing. The blustery winds of Summer have died away and the faintest salt-tipped breeze comes off the Atlantic ocean. Almost every day is the perfect day to take my Labrador Lula for a walk on the beach and luxuriate in the whole expanse of Langstrand all to ourselves.


There is said to be a special kind of soft light – the kind that the renaissance masters in Italy captured so beautifully before the advent of modern day photography. This is the light we see in May, most noticeably at sunset. It touches everything with an ethereal glow and because of the changing season, we get cloud formations that help create a spectacular frame for a Magical May West Coast Sunset.

IMG_0563 (Copy)

As the sun disappears over Bekbaai to the west of the village the evening chill sets in. It is time to slow down, light the fire and enjoy a glass of red wine while we wait for the bredie simmering in the oven. I exhale and am grateful for all my blessings.





Just like Ouma used to make…

Do you know what I miss? I miss Sunday Lunch with the whole family around my granny’s dining room table. It was noisy , messy and delicious. We ate wholesome, hearty meals prepared with love and spent hours eating, debating life, teasing, sharing and laughing. It is sad now that this family tradition happens less often due to families living so far apart and the busy pace of modern life.

Now we can’t really solve the problem of family proximity but I can offer a delicious solution to get you some food like Ouma used to make! Right here in Paternoster 🙂 And while you might not have a noisy family around the table you can watch the comings and goings of this always interesting little village from the stoep.


Local sisters, Vanessa Abrahams and Carmen Jordaan have opened a wonderful little eatery at Stone Fish Studio called Ouma se Kombuis. Here you can get the hearty, homemade Weskus Kos that you have been craving.

It is a matter of pride that the local women of Paternoster cook their traditional recipes for Ouma se Kombuis with fresh, local ingredients and a generous pinch of love. There is a homespun cosy style in the friendly welcome, colourful decor right through to the sweet koeksister koebaai. Meals range from simple toasted sarmies and sweet baked treats to traditional Oxtail, Tamatiebredie, Groenboontjiebredie, Pêrevoetpie, Smoorsnoek and Afval specialities.









Lekkkeeerrrr Groenboontjiebredie!                                       Freshly baked sweet goedjies

Dishes are prepared fresh daily based on seasonality and availability. So next time you visit us in Paternoster take some time to kuier, enjoy the food and warm hospitality at Ouma se Kombuis.



* Ouma se Kombuis offers a special service for visitors to pre-order meals that can be put in the fridge in the holiday accommodation booked so there is a delicious home-cooked meal waiting on arrival.

Contact details for Ouma se Kombuis Carmen 082 534 9225 or Vanessa 084 800 1991

Located at Stonefish Studio, St Augustine Road, Paternoster.

Open every day except Thursday. HOURS: Daily 9:30am – 4pm, Sundays 9:30am – 2pm

Written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster. Photos by Marina Enslin & Fran Hepburn

A breath of fresh air & a touch of class


This was my lasting impression when I popped in for coffee & a chat with the lovely Doret, owner and hands-on manager at the new De Linden Boutique Guest House in Paternoster.

With the recent addition of Guest Houses and B&B’s to our Stay in Paternoster website and the wonderful competition we are running to win a weekend at De Linden, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

There is an overwhelming feeling of peace as you walk into the recently opened guest house, with a focus on several spaces for guests to spend time relaxing or gazing at the ocean view. There are seven luxuriously furnished rooms with special attention to the little details and comfort. This includes the beautiful Protea Suite with its own outdoor fireplace & private patio facing the sea.







Doret has created a beautiful space for guests to feel cared for and spoilt. She has left behind a high pressured career in the city to start a new life in this sleepy little fishing village.  Her passion for design, creativity and people is brought together perfectly at De Linden and is tangible in the décor and stylish atmosphere. So while it is a guest house that provides all you could wish for as a guest, it is also a well-loved home that leaves you feeling like family.


De Linden is situated perfectly in the centre of the village within easy walking distance to restaurants, shops and the beach.

After a  friendly chat and look-around it was time to get back to the office and as I walked back down Mosselbank Street, I felt relaxed and charmed by this stylish new addition and its lovely owner. Our little village is certainly delighted to have you here!

For more info and to book have a look at our website

Photo’s by the uber talented Kusjka du Plessis


Flower Season is here…

It’s Flower Friday!

For the month of August every Friday I am going to share some tips, introduce you to some natural beauties and give you the latest weather for flower viewing.

All over the West Coast from Langebaan all the way up the N7 the West Coast Wild Flowers are in bloom.


*The best viewing time is from 10:30 to 16:00

*Temp must be at least 18⁰C

*Sunny days

*Flowers face the sun so best to see the display with sun behind you, travel North first then South for the best view.

For more info contact WEST COAST FLOWER HOTLINE 072 938 8186

Get the Lastest Flower Updated 4 August here



The “reenblommetjie”/white rain daisy (Dimorphotheca pluvialis) *pictured below, is always one of the first spring annuals to flower on the West Coast. They are currently all over the Pilgrimsrust plots just before Paternoster, Bekbaai area of Paternoster and in the Tietiesbaai Nature Reserve that borders Paternoster. These annuals are adapted to germinate, grow, flower and set seed during the rainy winter and to survive the long dry summer as seed. The flowering season is from July to October, depending on the rain.

Locally we also called them West Coast Snow…so come and walk in the snow right here in Paternoster!



The weather changes all the time, especially along the coast, so please check for an update on

FRIDAY 5TH August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 14⁰c

SAT 6th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 16⁰c

SUN 7th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 15⁰c

MON 8th August                       11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 15⁰c

TUES 9th August                      11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

WEDS 10th August                   11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

THURS 11th August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 13⁰c


Download and print this useful map courtesy of Cape West Coast Tourism website.


If you require Accommodation on your Flower Safari please contact us at Email:
Tel : 022 752 2048 (Office Hours)
OR book online at

“Life, now, was unfolding before me, constantly and visibly, like the flowers of summer that drop fanlike petals on eternal soil.” ~ Roman Payne


Blog post compiled and written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster

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